Las Vegas Bail Bonds

Sin City and Bail Bonds

Las Vegas - One Of A Kind City Bail in Las Vegas is unique because Las Vegas is a one of a kind city. The history of our town dates back to May 15, 1905. Las Vegas was incorporated in 1911 as a part of Clark County. Very soon after in 1931, the first casino was built on Highway 91, The Pair-o-Duce. Ten years after in 1941 The El Rancho Vegas opened as the first ...

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How Bail Bonds Work

How does bail bonds work ?

Introduction If you are arrested, you or your family will most likely want you to be released from jail and remain free while your case is making its way through the court system.A “bail” is a way in which you can be released from prison while you are awaiting trial. The court sets a dollar amount – known as your bail – in order to prevent you from f...

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Parent's Guide To Bail Bonds

A parent’s guide to bail bonds in Las Vegas

Introduction What do you do if you are a parent or guardian who has discovered that your child has been arrested and needs you to bail him or her out of jail ? Do you know what is required to be done in such an emotional and challenging time ? The first and foremost thing to do is get the assistance of a professional bail bonds company. Yes, hiring a bail bond a...

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